Who I Am

I am an organic skin care specialist, folk herbalist, artist, graphic designer, accessory designer, writer, healthy lifestyle Coach, & Spiritual Mentor


I live my life filled with love, a positive mindset, living a complete healthy lifestyle, and I put my body and spirituality first before anything else. Since I was very young I have always had an extremely creative mind, so I weave all my creative passions together into one wholesome lifestyle. 

I live my life by taking action upon these three empowering words: Teach, Share, & Love. These three life changing actions help guide my positive path in life.


How I turned my Own healing journey into my lifestyle adventure: 

My Beginning Roots. 

I was born into an Italian Christian family in a little town outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the 1980's.

From the very beginning of my life I started drawing and painting. My creative mind would take over having me wondering and day dreaming daily. Drawing was my complete escape from reality and the world I drew was what I saw myself wanting to live inside of. My favorite object to draw was flowers, gardens, and nature. I loved to walk within a forest just trying to find the next flower or plant to start doodling in my sketch book of. I would also pick the flowers then flatten and smash them inside my sketch books while finding the colors of the leaves and petals pressed against the fibers of the paper. 

My mother took the time when I was very young to teach me how to start selling my art and creating it into a little business for myself. I was twelve when I sold my very first painting. From that moment on I really wanted to begin to create an art business for myself, but I was too young at the time to truly understand how to take on all the steps I needed or wanted to. We didn't have the internet then really and I was also homeschooled and just truly had no idea what all was going on in the art world around me to be truly inspired. Little did I know that many years later after my attending The Art Institute Of Philadelphia that I would remember those early feelings and begin all over again by getting back to my own original roots of my childhood dreams. 

After college I began my own art business up once again however this time I was matured, schooled and had a great mapped out business plan along with a colorful vision board of all the many goals I wanted to achieve. By the way your vision board never ends, as you grow your vision board grows along with you. When you accomplish one goal you then add in the next and so on. 

I began working for myself only by word of mouth and handing out my business cards which offered my artistic illustrative graphic design services. I was not on the internet yet back in 2002, which years later would make things much easier. I began with one client and once their clients and friends saw the work I had designed then they too asked me to design for them and so it all began. 

One of the very first things I began to notice as I started really working with my own clients was that they truly wanted to portray their business through their logo visually. They would hand me a long list of all kinds of ideas that were jumbled together and I had to pick apart each one by one seeing which one would work and which ideas did not fit in at all. 

I then realized I had to develop a question sheet to help organize my clients thoughts on all that they wanted recognized in the design concepts for their very own business. This broke it down into steps for them. I taught them to actually apply deep meditative thought into it and to ask others that knew them very well to offer a few ideas as well. I wanted my clients to really understand first who their target market would be and who exactly would be buying into their goods or services. I offered my clients a thoughtful designed way to dig deep instead of just throwing ideas out that didn't match up well. They had to get to the root of all they wanted to accomplish in this new or existing business with a new styled look and one that would attract attention to their target audience. 

When I began this new style of developing a business plan with rooted concepts it also helped me with my own communication and relationship skills between myself, my clients, and all that were in my life. I began to really get to know people both within and out. I even began noticing how they styled themselves what kind of lifestyle they were living or wanted to live and how it would represent them as a person or business. Everything about their daily life and how they acted would begin to come together to tell their story. I was always interested in health too, so that would pop up into conversation. Their personal daily stresses they began sharing with me. How they wanted to feel and even how they wanted their business to make them feel. This started a whole new concept for me to bring into my path. 

After offering my graphic design services to clients for many years and all those personal findings began to unfold in front of me, I noticed myself getting worn out. I began to notice that my own spiritual and artistic path was disappearing in front of me. I was so intertwined in helping my clients I lost track of my own life. I decided to move forward from designing for others and decided to rebrand myself. When you begin to move forward for yourself you never loose all the experiences along the way. Everything I gained from helping my clients and the many communication skills that I learned would stay with me for my next personal and business venture. 

Once I stopped designing for others I very quickly started focussing on myself and my health. I felt like my own body was worn down and falling apart. I wanted to rebrand myself but was I truly ready to? I had with me already all the steps I was teaching others. But my own styled path I had lost a hold of by helping so many others find their own. This is what us entrepreneurs like to call a burn out. When you feel a total burn out arriving within your life its time to take a step back and put you yourself first. Usually it's your health that needs to come first. Without your clear brain power, emotional stability, and feeling good overall you really don't have much. When you feel good you know you can accomplish so much more. So that is where I was headed, to get to feeling really good again. 

I did make a video that shares my health path story. I share how I was so sick that I felt as if I had to just give up on my body, but I actually never gave up. At my lowest points I was still pushing ahead. I may have felt like giving up but I was still taking daily steps to better myself and find answers. I had always been a sickly kid growing up which followed me into my adult years. I would work hard at all I did but my body was usually somewhere behind. I finally came to the point where I had enough and decided its time to put both myself and my body first. So I did and my next life venture became an even greater one. I gained strength and power within myself and became unstoppable. 

Eat To Live. 

I began with what I was putting into my body with my eating and drinking habits and then also what I was applying outside my body, because as we well know what we apply on our outside gets absorbed deep within us too. As I laid in bed without much energy back then I began researching personal healing stories online and what others were doing for natural healing methods. What I found truly amazed me! 

I found out about so many different lifestyle diets, holistic medicines, herbal cures, plant based diets, animal meat diets, vegetarian diets, veganism, non dairy diets, gluten free diets, raw food diets, staying sugar free, and the list as we know is truly endless. I quickly realized that just as I had been working with my branding clients, now I had to break this down into steps and find the root of what the ideal healthy lifestyle and diet truly was. I had my own body to work with and so I began my natural healing journey.  

As I researched deeper into nutrition I found that it truly was an overall experience that included our whole body, mind, and spirit. To truly be healthy I found was to eat to live. I wanted to feel good all over and everyday, not just sometimes. I knew this would be a very long journey because at the time I felt like I was totally broken. Little did I know then that my feeling broken was just another way of the universe guiding me into a whole new life path. One that would really touch me personally and spiritually and one that I could finally combine organically all my passions together. 

Remembering My Youth. 

As I ventured along my healing path I began remembering what I saw in the people around me as a youth as well. Since I grew up not feeling good very often and catching just about everything anyone around me had, it had me realize that when I was young I was also trying to think of healing plans. Ways for not only myself to heal but for others around me I saw ill to heal as well. 

I thought about what I was putting into my body as a child. I didn't eat poorly, but I didn't eat really healthy either. I ate just because I had to eat, like a daily chore but with no real delight in how the food was making me feel. Maybe fast food sometimes was fun, but how did I feel and act right after. I remember feeling grumpy and tired or battling a stockade ache of some kind, yet I would do it again and not even realize what I was actually doing to my body.

I know as children we may be less educated on health, but I do not believe in anyway that is how it has to be. Think about it, if we were educated by our parents and also in school about our bodies with real nutrition as youngsters we would soak up the knowledge and think twice about what we were eating. Being taught at a young age is critical. It is also critical to the point as is depicts how our bodies will be as we get older. I know it may be hard for families to eat healthy as it costs more, but does it truly? If we are eating poorly and getting sick the cost goes to medicine due to a poor diet, so do we truly ever win in the end? If we grew our own foods from seeds, or ate a little less but made that food we did eat nutritious, wouldn't that help us win the health battle. How about brining daily exercise in and drinking more water. With little money I understood very well that there were still ways to eat and be healthy. The excuses were just that, excuses. 

Food should not at all contain the grab and eat as you go mentality. 

Do you ever grab food you think looks good with the eye without thinking about what is inside it. Many today chow down on foods that actually contain zero nutritional value. When you eat food with no nutritional value what do you think happens to your body? You feel like you're starving because your body is craving food however it's not getting what it needs to truly replenish itself by what you are eating. Your thoughts may tell you its good, however your body is not recognizing the foods and either it's storing them up as unneeded fat or it's coming out of your body without getting to absorb any nutritional value. Therefore your body doesn't feel good, deteriorates, or your body will begin to have some kind of illness or disease and who wants that, no one does.  

If you eat food that contains no nutrition what do you think happens? You are hungary again, why, because your body just received no nutrition to function properly. It is still searching for it. 

I realize that many of us are living our lives this way today and its truly sad. In my health search I realized that I truly neglected my own body as a child all the way into my young adult years. I saw my family around me who was still neglecting their bodies in their much later years which was then turning into serious illnesses and disease and some even death due to it. My grandfather had just past away and for just about his entire life he had neglected his whole body. Therefore he past away younger than he needed to and in severe illness, heart disease, cancer, diabeteis, and pain. He spoke in his last breathes saying he realized the health mistakes he had made apologizing to his wife but it was way too late. 

I had noticed back then that most of those around me were so busy with their lives that the subject of how to be balanced or to really feel good daily never even came up. Who truly had time to think about how their body was feeling. 

If you got sick the story would be of what most followed the rule of, to just eat chicken noodle soup and wait until the day came that you felt better, and then get right back onto the track you were on before you got sick. This cycle would then just repeat itself over and over again. Was anyone going to wake up to this tale I would wonder. I realized that the most important part of the chicken noodle soup was actually the bone broth. When the chicken bones would soak in water for so many hours it would make for a nutritious broth. This broth then gave the body what it needed in nutrition to heal faster. The vegetables in the soup also helped but the main part was the bone broth it contained. Now we are coming to realize this because just recently I now see bone broth available to purchase in the grocery store. So then the next question arrises, why not drink the broth within our diets so we have a better chance of not getting sick. 

As I jotted down what I realized within my own health and nutrition from an early age to being a young adult combined with what I saw now happening all around me, I very well knew I had to make a difference in my life and I also wanted to make a difference in others lives too. 

Eating healthy gives us the energy and fuel we need to keep going daily.   

Now was the time to really teach myself to get to the root of the problem and to truly heal my whole body. Not just surface healing but to truly heal the roots deep inside me that would show on the outside as well. I wanted all my inner organs healed including the most complex one, my brain. I wanted to feel good everyday. I wanted to be able to exercise daily and never feel wiped out. I did not want to be sick any longer. I wanted emotional healing and to heal my personal anxieties and nervousness. I did accomplish all of this and I did it all with food. 

Live a long healthy life. 

Did you ever think about the stories those share that live past 100 years of age. When these older ones share their story the very first thing they talk about is how they stay healthy everyday and still follow their own daily healthy living habits even at an older age. There is honestly no one taking care of them but themselves. Age means nothing to these ones. They don't count old age as failure but as gain and more knowledge. They truly live each day to the fullest and they rarely if ever complain. Being physically fit and remaining in good health seems to remain on their minds as the very first thoughts they think about when they rise up early each and every morning. They truly don't skip a beat.

"Within each of us there’s a spark that can light the way to health. There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people." — Bernie Siegel, MD

If you do not love or care for your body, well then just let it all fall apart and that will be your set life. I know there are some illnesses and diseases we still can't cure of course, the ones I am talking about are those that someone is born with. Even then though we have seen people over come their obstacles and either are cured in ways or live longer lives when they are really fighting to live and do all they can for their bodies. They never give up and hope continually guides their every effort. 

Think about it, if we were all living for health and wellness from the time of birth illnesses and disease would drop drastically. Another factor of disease like the big one cancer is brought on by humans, what we are putting into our bodies, and pollution factors. The DNA within our cells that can pass along disease would drastically drop if we were all taking care of our bodies with proper nutrition and also our beliefs or emotional well being.

We can change the genetic function of our DNA.  

Many of the drugs used today are a large cause of diseases by causing a malfunctioning of the bodies organs. I strongly believe that drugs do not cure but mask the problem by never actually touching or curing the root cause.

Then of course we have pollution surrounding us and our food sources being sprayed with chemicals. So what on earth do we do? Some examples are that we can grow our own food, we can eat organic, we can exercise daily, we can try and not live by heavy pollution driven areas, we can build ourselves up both spiritual and mentally, there is always a way. The most important factor is what we are putting into our bodies daily. God designed our bodies to have immune systems, our immune system when given the proper tools can fight off anything. This is what we should be taking advantage of. 

Healthy Life Lessons and God. 

A good life lesson is to take care of your body first and all other things will fall into place. Always remember your body is the only place you have to live inside of, so never pollute it. 

I personally believe God created everything we needed on earth for us to live and be healthy. But God also gave us the gift at birth to have free will. What does that mean? It means we each have been given the birth right to decide for ourselves how we will live our life. This is a true blessing, however we need to remember how we got here and who gave us this very real life gift to begin with. Our mothers birthed us, but who created the seed. Unless of course you believe in evolution. I personally do not believe in sorted accidents forming by organisms evolving into whatever they choose to evolve into by their given adapted environment. I believe everything was created with a grand purpose, a beginning and an end and was placed in its proper environment to flourish. Things can evolve and grow, but they will only evolve into what God created them to evolve into. Take the seed of a flower for example. When you plant a flower seed in the ground and give it all it needs to flourish and sprout, it will flourish into the very type of flower that it was first created to be, and it will always be that way. Everything evolves from God with a grand purpose at hand. We are here to enjoy these beautiful creations but not destroy them. 

When you go to the store to buy an appliance and you look at the label to see who the designer was, do you argue the fact of who that designer is and if they really designed what you were holding in your very hands. No, you simply read it and use the product. If you really like the product you will take care of it so it lasts a long time. But you never actually saw who or how it was designed, made, and created to begin with. You believe in the product though because it works for you. If you are to sit beside a tree in your yard how does that tree make you feel? Do you like looking at the tree and when the wind or sun shines through it doesn't it feel good on your body. Did you ever wonder how it originally got there or who designed it? Would you think it just evolved and adapted into a beautiful tree without a beginning designer or purpose? Perhaps these thoughts can help answer that everything including our bodies has a grand purpose and we are the true designers of where our life will go from birth. From taking the steps of putting our beautifully designed bodies first and finding our true path in life, let us never forget the spiritual belief oh how we even got here. The nutritional food we eat is important to nourish ourselves wisely but then our belief system, the stuff we can't see but we can feel also needs deep nourishment for a complete healthy mind, body, spirit, and soul. 

Why do we have sicknesses or illnesses at all? Many Christians will reply that its because we live in the devils world. The Bible teaches that in our time now we are living in the world power of the wicked ran by the devil Satan himself. Therefore all these bad things exist, which is very true when you read and study the scriptures. But are humans today also using this as an excuse not to make a healthy change in their own lives? Some maybe waiting for our Lord Jesus to take over. I have had some tell me that their bodies health doesn't matter because they are waiting on God to fix everything. Either that or they blame God for them being sick in the first place. Then there are those stories you read about where a person had just weeks to days to live but through their own belief system to heal and the power of prayer they were healed. Then their lives completely change for the better and the disease vanishes. No matter what the personal story maybe, life is a gift from God and what do you do with a gift, you cherish and take care of it. 

We must always remember too that it is proven by science that many diseases today are caused by humans and this includes pollution. When human greed kicks in it can really damage the world in many ways. Sadly there are many greedy people. Cancer and HIV for example are caused my humans. The Bible teaches that disease will spread due to the wicked. That has happened and we see it happening more and more. If we didn't live in such a greedy run world we would see more clearly that all could have food, water, shelter, and good health. 

Let Go of Fear.

As I continued my search for healing answers I began talking with others online that were holding onto fear based beliefs that made them feel as though they could never heal their own bodies. Or they were too fearful to take out the time for themselves to really heal. Like it was not important enough and other things seemed of more importance. So they were not putting themselves, their body, nor their health first. Therefore they truly were not happy, because their life was not balanced. It was exactly as I saw growing up and wanted to do something about, but now I could finally take all this research knowledge I had heal my own body and then help others heal too. 

I believe God wants us to put our bodies and health first always no matter what, and we should want to for own self. We should be using and have deep knowledge of all the natural healing gifts that were first created for us to use freely and share together. 

We should be making the choice for ourselves today and right now to be healthy. So lets set the example and put our bodies first and share the knowledge of what true health is and how it feels. Letting go of all the fear is the first step. Let feeling free take over and choose your healing path as you wish and without anyone looking down on you along your own life journey. Never let others judge you or bring you down. Know in your heart that you can do anything and you have the power to. The power is already inside you. Its inside all of us because we were born with it and we can find it again at anytime along our life path. 

Share Health. 

I saw that our mind, thoughts, and beliefs could really help heal our body, and that to let go of a fear based mindset was extremely necessary. It then moved me to have a huge passion to help create health changes in my own life and that of others. I could help spread wellness by sharing simple knowledge. If life is a gift from god, then why not really learn abut this human body, the only place we have to live in. Why not take the time to learn about all that we can do. That just going to see a doctor wasn't the only answer, and that our own belief system, right now, could be the one that helps heal us. 

We should be doing everything in our power to heal ourselves and to be as healthy as possible no matter what. If god gave us these bodies while here on earth now, we better be taking good care of them right? There are endless available healing tools and ways, many more than ever before! What a happy gift that is for us today! 

In my own healing journey, I believe to teach and share about the healing gifts I find along my way. I believe and teach that we should be getting back to using natures natural gifts and learning how to use our own body to heal ourselves. 

Learn And Grow.

The first step I made was reading a fantastic selection of helpful books on healing your own body. One that I love and still use everyday is called The Healing Code. It teaches a very simple and powerful self-healing system in the form of energy medicine. This really marked the very beginning of my journey to find my own true healing path. 

Many persons I spoke with about health began giving me the same answer that I had noticed when I was younger, that of being too busy to care for themselves properly. I then began to find myself searching for simpler and proven healthier methods that those could use daily for the wellness of themselves and their families. 

I also talked with many friends of mine that were also entrepreneurs. Most of them began to tell me that the one thing they all lacked was nutrition in their lives due to being so extremely busy in all they wanted to do each day. 

Juicing Love.

The first extremely powerful healing whole body answer I found was in organic daily juicing. I believe and teach it to be the gold in healing the entire body both quickly and most effectively. 

When I would discuss daily organic juicing with persons it would all come back to once again time. Who has the time and who cares to take the time to put their body first. So I needed to search more, and then after healing my own body with juicing I found the Juice Plus products to help my body further. 

Essential Oil Love.

Within my love of daily healthy organic juicing, I do hold another love very dear to my heart and that is of using the purest essential oils I can get my hands on. 

I found a few from very sweet honest companies I very dearly love, but one really stood out to me and that is called doTERRA. I love that doTERRA means gift of the earth, because that is honestly how I view their essential oils. I also love that their oils are from all over the world, using their Co-Impact Sourcing, and founded in the places each oil are known to grow the most beautifully and purely in. I hold them very dear to my heart and am happy to share these beautiful gifted oils with all of you too! 

Using natures gifts in juicing and essential oils gives me the purest options to heal my entire body, mind, and soul. The live organic juices and essential oils fill me daily with joy, happiness, and the gift of feeling pure both within and out.

High Vibrational Energy Healing. 

While studying energy healing for the entire body, I then began to learn and realize that pure essential oils contain high energy frequency. 

In my live healing story video, I speak about how I also found energy frequency healing in my journey. Next I will make a simple video explaining how Essential Oils also hold high vibrational frequency energy. 

Positive Mindset. Bless Your Food.

When helping your body heal and eating to live, having a positive mindset is a must. One healthy habit to practice is to bless your food!

How? Think positive thoughts, think love, and pour your energy into what you are eating and drinking. Feel truly thankful and in love with what you are about to consume. Love has a huge impact on wellness. This helps make it a healthy part of you. I was taught to pray before every meal to give thanks. What if you take this even further and bless the food for what it is, energy for the wellness of your entire body! It helps give the mindset of being truly thankful, slowing down, being powerful, and giving the body time to digest all the beautiful gifts it is given. Studies also show that positive thoughts raise frequency levels. Now just think what kinds of foods you would like do this with. Would it be happy healthy naturally colorful foods, or sad processed fast foods? If you think about doing this before each meal you take, then you will only be thinking about good food to fuel your body, mind, and soul with! 

What Good Health Means To Me

I put my body first, and then everything else follows that. If you feel good everyday, then everyday only good things will happen. 

When you eat to live, and eat a plant based living diet, your body then feels that much more alive! I take care of my body everyday by only putting good things into it.  

This effects your daily mood, thoughts, energy levels, and your entire being! I live by my high plant based vegetarian protein diet. 

Once you begin a happy healthy lifestyle routine, like this one, it becomes more and more simpler each day and your body craves a healthier lifestyle. 

I also juice or grab fresh pressed juice from a local organic shop, because I love having as much greens in me as I can. It gives me that much more energy, and the good happy healthy high vibe feelings all over my body. 

Eating healthy is just as important as drinking healthy. I drink as much water daily as I can, I also drink coconut water to stay really hydrated.

This is my daily lifestyle and I am happy to share my health knowledge with all of you!