UsING doTerra Essential Oils

Simply in your everyday life  

Treat your body with the care it deserves. Explore your natural beauty with our body focused essential oils and oil enriched products, and find a more nourished, happier, healthier you.

Let nature take care of you and your family. Our extensively researched and developed single essential oils, blends and supplements are focused on helping you achieve health and wellness. Ensuring you can overcome everything life throws at you. 

Essential Oil Body & Bath

It is truly invigorating to be able to add any essential oils to our own at home bath and body products. You can also make DIY products using a variety of essential oils. Give your home or bathroom a total zen spa experience by diffusing beautiful scented essential oils for your own enjoyment and relaxation. 


Healthy Internal OIls

Kiss your food with doTerra essential oils

Combining nutritious foods with flavorful spices, herbs, and essential oils is a world wide lifelong tradition. doTERRA essential oils help widen our own creativity of taste, smell, and flavor and we can use the oils in a variety of ways right at our fingertips. 

Essential Oil Wellness

Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes. Essential Oils are used in a variety of different ways from aromatherapy to even home usage for cleaning, for personal beauty and also as natural medicine treatments. 



Complete a healthy doTerra makeover for your home work or office space. Create your daily space into your own zen space of healing scents and healthy body treats. Stay relaxed and feeling good.

Clean & Green

Create a safer, healthier home environment using our sustainably sourced essential oil enriched home products. Clean your home and any space using healthy doTerra essential oil blends. Keep your space environmentally friendly, safe, beautiful, and feeling relaxed no matter what you are up to.


Your laundry room can smell good, feel good, and be safe from all chemicals. Try adding doTerra essential oils to your laundry detergent or making your own! Keep your laundry space clean, smelling good, and feeling good. 

doTerra MOMS

Essential oILs for BABies & Kids 

Learn to naturally care for your baby in the safest ways possible using doTERRA! We carry a children's line of healthy products and supplements to help kids be and feel at their very best.  

doTERRA has launched "PB Assist Jr." a new healthy fun way for children to take their daily probiotics! 

Essential Oil KIDS

Use doTERRA essential oils in your baby and kids rooms too. An oil diffuser in a child's room can help them feel calmer, more relaxed, help them sleep, and can help with allergies and more. 

doTerra Aromatherapy Play Dough 

doTerra Aromatherapy Play Dough