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Invest In Yourself, You are worth it. 

There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise. 

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Witty, Intelligent, and Sharp! 

You're exactly the lifestyle loving, nature grabbing, idealists, girl boss leaders, and game-changers our world today needs!

We're all reclaiming our personal power and re-prioritizing the voices of our intuition. More feminine healing energy needs to flow worldwide. Do this for you and do it for our world. 


would YOU like to be known as an:

intelligent woman, courageous woman, loving woman, a woman who teaches by being, a brave spirit, and a woman that spreads the light of healing. 


Network marketing tends to develop the type of Girlboss leader who influences others by being a great teacher or mentor and who supports others to fulfill and go for their own life's dreams. She always builds others up. 

Daily INSPIRATION + Girl Talk 

I stay inspired each day of each week and year honestly because I love what I do! I set goals that inspire myself each day to jump out of bed and work toward my completion of each. I also make sure my home office is really neat, fresh, clean, has good lighting, a window, and I have inspiring things around me that I love.


My inspiring things around me include my notebook of ideas, air plants, a salt lamp, crystals, my vision board, inspiring photos, my pets, great mentor books, a zen candle, and my essential oil diffuser and invigorating oil blends. All of my feel good daily habit things do not leave my desk, but stay out ready for use.

I am different and I weave in all the things I truly love and am passionate about. As you begin your own journey you will always continue to find yourself and see that life is like an open book guide just waiting for you to fill in all the empty pages. Its truly up to you and only you. If you stay confident, believe in yourself, keep going and never give up, you will never fail. 

The best advice I can give anyone is to always be inspired and find little simple ways to keep the inspiration flowing around you daily. For me I like to use images around me like a focus point. Be creative with your new found lifestyle and always have fun!

Take a trip to a local craft shop like Michaels. Even if you say you're not crafty, I know when you go into a craft store like that you will come out inspired. Don't look at any day as just a working day job but create it into your own chosen fabulous healthy lifestyle because that is just what it is! 

Create Your Vision Board. 

Business Planning Tools

Lets Get Organized, Inspired, and Mission Driven! 

A complete must have when you begin your Healthy Entrepreneur journey is to have a plan and goal mind set.

It doesn't have to be fact nor will it ever be, your goals will always evolve and change with you. But it does have to be set up in detail at the very beginning for all this to begin to actually happen. Make your first goal to get this planner book, or one just like it, and start jotting down your ideas, wants, and set goals. This is real ladies, you are here to make magic happen, not to watch other peoples magic happen. This is a fresh start and blank page that you can fill in with a whole new exciting beginning. Remember, this is about YOU.

Natalie MacNeil "She Takes On The World" Conquer Club has a beautiful inspiring website for us to use as a must have tool, and these 2 books by her, I must tell you, just grab them up along with all the knowledge. As you know, I love daily meditation and I talk about it throughout my website here. She just topped it all off for us because she also has a meditation disk. If you don't meditate already this is your chance to learn easily, and I know you will just love it. This is so the whole simple package for us to be inspired and to learn daily from. I have to share with you, mentors are what we all need and who we learn from. Then in fact we begin to become mentors ourselves and just continue on in the sharing. This is how we all continue to learn and grow. 

While I work my lifestyle my way, I am diffusing the essential oils around me to keep my mind and body feeling good and that positive feel good creative energy flowing! Here are some inspirational oil blends to try out for the new girl boss leader in you. 

Create a life that makes you feel good everyday!

Keep all your girlboss habits happy and healthy. 

Work with leaders that help inspire you and help get your creative juices flowing! 

Get Inspired By Mentors

I am inspired by mentors daily. My inspiration never stops evolving due to following this simple mastery rule. 

I want to start with Tony Robbins because he has reached far and wide by succeeding in helping inspire all types of people globally. He truly always succeeds in helping to motivate and energize me too mentally! I have learned so very much from his teachings and incredible guidance for not only myself, but to keep on helping others as well. Tony Robbins touches lives globally and if you're ever wishing for some real deep motivation in your life, I can tell you this just watch one of his amazing videos. So always, always, always, follow mentors you love for daily inspiration, knowledge, and to continue bettering yourself no matter what. 

Natalie MacNeil, in this video link above, teaches exactly what I say all the time, that working Entrepreneurs need healthy plant based nutrition in their daily lives. Well hello doTERRA we need you more now than ever before! This is the whole reason why I came up with the name Healthy Entrepreneur. I saw so many entrepreneurs sick! You will see working entreprenuer girl boss woman and moms going and going while not putting their bodies first, but instead second. Then they come pushed to the point where they have no other choice but to do a major health check.


I love that Natalie MacNeil talks about meditation too, and her meditation disk above is perfection. Tony Robbins is a perfect example of this. He begins his days with meditation and healthy rituals, every single day. He just doesn't miss a beat. 

How Do you Start Building? 

You live it and you start sharing. 


- How do you begin a convo FOR SHARING YOUR PRODUCTS? 

When I share about my healthy living products I simply explain that I use products that compliment my health and that also create a great impact for all those I share and teach about with them too. The products I choose to take compliment my body and life as a whole. 

Share by knowing your own story first. 

Who wouldn't want to share about products that they absolutely love! When you find a great product you really love what do you usually do right after? You share by telling your friends about it! Well, this works the same way, you honestly share about what you love and use daily. 

When you know your product well, you will share it well. Start sharing after you have been using the products and really have fallen in love with them. When your business flows through you as a passion, you will always succeed and grow. Always write down your story and your why. Know yourself and what you want to accomplish. Have your goals set in mind. When you are confident in what you do, it will simply flow through you naturally. 

5 Steps To Success

1. Attract People To You

2. Capture Leads

3. Nurture Relationships

4. Convert To Cash / Close the deal

5. Love what you do, Stay Inspired! 

How To Attract People To You

There are 3 top ways to attract your target audience. The top best ways to do this are using social media tools. 

1. Facebook

Facebook is the number one way to attract your target audience. You just have to understand how to use it correctly. 

2. Instagram

Instagram is the second top way to attract your target audience. Using this free social media tool you get to use imagery and video combined in a beautiful and powerful way. 

To really learn how to use Instagram and Facebook I chose to take a training course. The one I chose and loved was with Hilary Rushford Dean Street Society

3. Video / Webinars

YouTube and webinars are one of the strongest ways to grab the attention of your target audience. Online tools such as Zoom and Webinar Jam are among the strongest. 

Learn how to create a Landing Page and this will be your personal online invitation to your webinar video and business.