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Using global co-impact sourcing and testing for the highest purest grades, now you can touch essential oils from all parts of the earth. These essential oils come pure right from the lands in which they were first created and into both you and your families hands. 

How Do I Purchase Discounted Products With Money Back Rewards?

You can shop these oils with a points back system and gain all the many benefits. (Please note, you are not joining the business unless that is your decision.) You are joining a wellness club to gain access to the highest standard of healthy living lifestyle products. When you join to shop it gives you access to make this an actual healthy lifestyle habit set in your own life. Sometimes when we don't join in making a move toward something we never fully gain the benefits and we let it go or forget about it.

When you want to receive value for your life as a whole and the products you use daily, you join in and partake by taking action. This shows how much you care for yourself and your entire body. This is the way to make living healthy your daily love habit. Kiss your body with products you can actually be excited about. Feel it flow throughout your whole self. Create a wholesome impact in your life today.  

I teach my clients to shop for the health of their body First and to shop smart while making a positive global impact in our world. 

Setting up a doTERRA membership is like if you were to join something like Cosco or any other membership club for example. You pay a one time $35 fee to join or choose to join with one of our enrollment kits listed below, which helps save you money on a kit if that is what you like to begin with. Every year after is only a $25 membership renewal fee; but you receive a FREE $28 bottle of Peppermint Essential Oil for renewing; so basically your yearly renewal fee is FREE which is unheard of just about. Shipping your orders is as little as $3 per order, no matter how many products you get, and you receive points back on shipping too, I don't know any other company that does that. You can use express shipping which is more of course but doTerra ships really fast so I just use the $3 shipping cost each month with points back. 

It is really simple to join doTERRA using my links and videos provided here. Once you join you will realize, just as I did when I first joined years ago, how much money you truly save and how much more you enjoy taking care of your body making it a healthy daily habit by using pure precious goodies. For me it's a gift in the mail to my body. 

doTERRA provides us with ways to save, receive free product, brings us the worlds purest essential oils from the lands in which they were very first created, gives back in many beautiful global impacted ways, and provides jobs globally. This is the type of company and business I live by, share, build upon, and it truly helps each of us put a great footprint in our world by making positive impacted changes truly happen. 

Membership Benefits

- 25% Off product discount; up to 55% off; BOGO sales; and more! 

- To keep your membership and wholesale pricing all you have to do is buy at least 1 product a year. No monthly minimums, no monthly fees, nor monthly purchases required. 

- Wholesale membership sign up is $35. This fee is waived if you choose to join with an oil kit listed below. Yearly membership is only $25 and you will recieve 1 FREE 15ml bottle of Peppermint Oil as a thank you worth $28 each time you renew. So basically yearly renewal is Free. 

-  If you want doTerra products monthly, then all you have to do is set up your LRP Loyalty Rewards Program in your own account. This is the way to save even more and get the products into your everyday life and daily habits. Change up your products monthly with what you personally need and begin your own essential oil collection too! 

Choose your Enrollment Kit

doTERRA Essential Oil Enrollment Kits are a wonderful way for you to get started with an essential oil collection of your very own to continue on your personal healing, wellness, and emotional balance journey. 

The Enrollment Membership Pack only:

BUY $35

Learn about doTERRA healthy living with this beautiful magazine intro pack and get ready to begin your healthy lifestyle journey using the doTerra products with their wholesale discounted prices and points system. 


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