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Everything in the universe vibrates at a given or unique frequency. 


my frequency machine story

That unique machine above completely changed my entire life over five+ years ago. That machine and a man named Rick, who lives in a really cool house in the countryside of Florida. Well, right before I met him I met his huge pigs who rammed up to me and took my banana out of my hands and ate it. At that moment, on that very day was a start to a whole new beginning for me. Rick may not know it, but my entire wellness business, this website, my love for juicing, all the people I have met and helped along the way, is all because I met him in his crazy office of gadgets, crystals, piled books, pigs, and weird cool machines.  

In my healing story video you may notice that I mention about finding a Frequency Machine that I used to help myself in my adventure of healing. That is my personal pulsar frequency machine in the image above. Friends have asked me who invented this little beauty and how has it benefited me, so I decided to share with you about Rick and his super cool, super human I like to call it, energy frequency machines. My Pulsar machine by Rick plays a daily role in my healthy living lifestyle, and I love it. 

Many of my followers who know much about Organic Juicing, or the Gerson Therapy, or the Truth About Cancer, also know about Dr. Royal Rife, or better yet Rife Machines. 

I had found many different Rife Machines or so-called Rife Machines on the market before I met Rick. There are some for $50 all the way up to thousands of dollars. (Stay away from anything under about $1000 or most saying made in China.) So which one do you choose? That was my question too. I knew I believed in the use of these machines and in energy healing, however the question remained which was the right machine for me.  

So I stumbled upon a friend, who knew a friend, who knew another friend and somehow that is how I found this super cool inventor, engineer, NASA guy, named Rick. I traveled to see him and it turned out to be the best day of my life! That was well over 6+ years ago now. After years of feeling sick and torture this guy seemed to finally know what he was talking about. His modern twist on the Rife machine invention he calls "The Pulsar" turned my whole world around! This small energy based thing is my best friend. After 6+ years now, Rick hasn't seen it in hand since, I haven't had one issue with it because it runs like a diamond and is my little power beauty. 

Rick isn't all over the internet like most, but he does work by word of mouth, so if you want one of these pure energy Pulsar beauties please email or call him up. He has different packages and machines for you to choose from to fit both your personal lifestyle and needs.

Lets not forget about our Pets too or Ricks Pigs, pets also love this Pulsar machine! Just use the bars on your pet instead of the sticky pads. Cats and Dogs is all I have personally used it on, and yes it makes them happy, relaxed, and helps take any pain away for them. 

I use my Pulsar machine for just about anything and everything. You can ask Rick how the Pulsar may help you too.

Rick does have a new machine for face and skin lifts, I also have that, and yes it works. I don't use it for wrinkles on myself personally because I have none due to my well known Bee Venom Face Cream. But I do use his machine on different parts of my body and for cellulite; fascia. It helps smooth and tighten your skin. This is for lasting results too! But you still have to eat well and take care of your body ladies as we all know. 

I am just here to help spread the word to my followers, clients, and friends. You can do your own research just like I did. I am so grateful for finding out about this scientific knowledge, it truly is remarkable. 


MY Pulsar-Lite (image above): $1,799.00

the Pulsar Delux 4 Tubes (image Below): $4,500.00

Rick has different frequency energy machines, you can ask him to email you complete info on what you are looking for to fit your needs. 


Pulsar Face Lift

Rick also designs Pulsar machines for your face, skin, and body, to help tighten, tone, and lift. These are perfect for spa or personal home use. 

Pulsar Face Lite Machine: $2,100.00

Pulsar Face Pro: $6,000.00

Contact: Rick W Pulsars

Cell: 352-239-3395


Ocala, FL

Tell Rick, Sanura Moon sent you over to learn more and he will be happy to help you.



Everything in the universe vibrates at a given or unique frequency. 

All forms of matter, whether organic or inorganic, and whether animate or inanimate, exist in and are connected by a vast field of energy that emits various patterns or wave forms. This force field exists around all forms of matter and touches all other fields. The more complex the system, the more complex the wave form. Living things, like humans and animals, emit a complex wave spectrum associated with the various organs and functions of the body. By tuning into that unique frequency, you can affect the entire organism, object, or system. This is the foundation of holistic medicine.

Albert Einstein, working with Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen, showed that in an entangled mass of atoms, you cannot affect one particle without immediately affecting all the particles of the entangled mass. This principle, which Einstein referred to as "spooky action at a distance", is known today as "Quantum Entanglement". “In this world, classical concepts like elementary particles, material substance or isolated objects have lost their meaning. The whole universe now appears as a dynamic web of inseparable energy patterns.” (Research physicist Dr. Fritjof Capra, The Tao of Physics)

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