My Essential Oil Picks  

All the essential oils I purchase are only what I use, and I must say I use a lot of them. There is not any oil I don’t use, they all have a purpose in my life and also in my organic skin care line at Urban Eco Beauty. I am going to share with you a few precious oils that many do not even know truly exist. These oils are so powerful and unique that when you are building your own essential oil collection you will be thrilled to now be able to add these in too.


Turmeric Essential Oil:

Turmeric is a flowering herb related to ginger with fibrous roots and a savory flavor. Grown throughout Southeast Asia, turmeric is known worldwide as the spice that gives curry seasoning its color and distinctive flavor. The root is also used as a natural yellow dye. The rhizomes and tubers of this plant have been used in holistic Ayurveda health practices for their powerful benefits for nearly 4,000 years. Turmeric has also been used historically in China and Sri Lanka.

Recent scientific attention on curcumin, a chemical constituent of turmeric root, has rekindled interest in turmeric oil’s health benefits. Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant, and Turmeric essential oil has been shown to help increase curcumin potency and absorption. Turmeric also contains the chemical components ar-Turmerone and Turmerone. These chemical constituents are known for their nervous system benefits. 

Turmeric is a powerful essential oil. When taken internally, it offers daily antioxidant support and helps support a healthy nervous system, cellular function, and immune response. It also helps support healthy glucose and lipid metabolism, and healthy circulation. When inhaled, Turmeric uplifts mood and emotions.

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Copaiba Essential Oil:

For centuries, South Americans have used Copaiba resin (a tree resin) to promote the health of the respiratory, digestive, urinary, cardiovascular, and immune systems. Copaiba essential oil is calming, soothing, and supportive to the skin and nervous system.

Recent research on caryophyllene suggests a number of other means by which Copaiba essential oil can support overall health.

When taken internally, it can possess strong antioxidant properties, promote healthy cellular function, may help support immune function while supporting overall circulatory health, may help support the health of the gastrointestinal tract and colon, promote a healthy nervous system, may help keep the mouth, teeth, and gums clean and healthy looking. 

Topically, it may keep the skin clean and clear while helping to reduce the appearance of imperfections, support uterine health, protect against unwanted pathogens or bacteria, reduce puffiness, help with aches, soreness and discomfort, reduce liver tissue damage, protect against fungus and mold, and eases menstruation.

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