How I Became A Girl Boss & How You Can Too

Get Inspired & soul search


How My Healthy Lifestyle Business Came To Be:

I once worked for others, on their time, on their schedule, and did all I was asked to do. I worked long hours, and when I would finish I never felt accomplished in my life. I called it a daily burn out, because nothing felt balanced. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get to where I personally truly wanted to be. I would day dream about the life I wanted to live and all I really wanted to do. 

So I did some soul searching. I then finally started my own business life and opened my Urban Eco Beauty business of natural and organic hand crafted goods in 2003. As years past I added in things that complimented my business and helped it expand even more naturally. I created my entire business around my own life's passions and lifestyle. I learned that to grow in personal happiness I had to fulfill my very own dreams, and so I did. It then became much easier each day to know what it was that I wanted to do with everything in my life both now and for my future. 

I first wrote down my main wants in life. My main focus always was to put my health first, because my body to me was most important. I had neglected my body in the past, so I knew never ever to do that again after I finally found all my healing answers. I knew I wanted to craft handmade items to fulfill my love of creating and the arts. I also wanted to share my personal wellness by teaching others to naturally heal too. I wanted nature and it's healing to be around me and involved in what I did every single day too. I also wanted to help other woman accomplish their very own dreams. I then found I could do all of this with adding in something really cool called Network Marketing. So I started researching how to build this so called Network Marketing business style. What I found amazed me! 

I had accomplished building my Urban Eco Beauty business in steps over a period of time and never tried to rush what I was doing. I always plan out my business goals and move in steps. I then took the time carefully to fulfill each goal. This is also a beautiful flowing process that never ends when you are doing what you love. So I added to my handmade Urban Eco Beauty business how I lived my lifestyle everyday and named it Sanura Moon Lifestyle. Within Sanura Moon Lifestyle I naturally weaved in the lifestyle products I use daily and those products are all also Network Marketing products. I love using products that also help create a global impact. When I choose the products I use in my daily life I don't just buy to buy, I buy to help make a change. I also look to see what the products are about, how they work, the history behind them, for me taking them is as important as the products story itself. Since I make handmade goods that go into the hands of thousands of people from all over the world, I also want to share in products that help the health of all those ones too. doTERRA provided my own business and personal wants with everything I was looking for. It has been a huge gift to my natural business, my personal growth, my story, and my way of life. I love seeing people happy and healthy and if I can touch just one person that fulfills my mission. 

When you truly love what you do and remain focussed while keeping the passion inside of you alive, success will always follow. This is what I do now and will continue to do everyday to fulfill my destiny and leave behind my legacy. 

Anyone can accomplish this, just do whatever it takes to fulfill your own dreams. As long as you love what you do, have passion in what you do, and truly believe in yourself, your mission will become a reality and you will always accomplish your goals. 

For anything in life, if you’re not excited about it, it’s not the right path to take. Always stick to what you love and excites you. Then master that and keep moving forward.
— Sanura Moon

Soul Search


Meditation was my first step in finding who I was and what I wanted in life. At first I thought it wouldn't work. Then after making myself actually do it and turning it into a daily habit, I found it answered all my needed questions.

If you know your strengths and what you enjoy, you are more likely to tackle a business that is best suited to both who you are and your skills.

Knowing yourself first is the key to true self confidence, and confidence builds leadership. Building a new business requires good leadership to develop the market, attract customers, motivate the team and conquer the unknowns. Know your limits, and never take on too much, know when to say yes and when to say no. Understanding yourself is the very first most important step to any business. You have to love what you do to thrive at it and build upon it. Everyday for me never feels like work or a job, it's my life and I love it. But first I had to truly find myself, heal my body and then all other things fell right into place. 


1) What am I looking for in my life right now? 

2) What are my own real secret dreams and goals?

3) Where would I like to be in the next 2-3 years?

4) What am I doing now to get myself there?

5) What is my plan to accomplish my goals? 


*Write down the answers to these 5 questions above, and yes "write" them down. This way you can refer to them and look back at them after you accomplish what it is that you are searching for in life. Take your time, there is no rush. The important thing is that you know the answers, and they don't have to be fact. You can add and change them at anytime. You will always change and evolve, but to have a start is mastery in itself. 

Begin with a deeper understanding that everything will come to you when you get in harmony with it AND TAKE ACTION.

Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life.
— Tony Robbins