How To Find & Own Your Faith

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Faith makes all things possible. Let your faith be bigger than your fears. Worry ends when you let faith in God enter. Always know and remember that God loves every single person on earth and is within all creation and all things good.

Sometimes some search just to find faith at all. I have created this section of my wellness site for all of those ones. I have also found many religions teaching the scriptures for not what they actually say, but adding in what they want the scriptures to say. So this is for all of those searching for real ancient scripture answers. The Bible is complete and ultimate fulfilling LOVE. Just remember for the ones that may be in fear of it, its truly only because they do not truly understand what its actually saying. It is a life book of both deep love, guidance, hope, and helps fulfill now, present and hope for the near future. 



who is God to you?

Are you Curious To KNow Who He IS?

I am grateful for God. Some say God is only found in old books. Others say God is nothing at all. Then more believe and say they love God but have no idea who he truly is.

Who is God to me? - God is in my life as a whole. God is within me. God is in my heart, mind, and spirit. God is in all I see of his beautiful universal creations. God created all things therefore God exists in all things. I respect my body too and love my body because God created it for me as my temple. The healthy food I eat even is blessed gifts from God. I respect all things because I respect God. God is Love. 

God doesn't come from a statue image or just from an old book. God is very real, personal, and exists within us all and outside of us all. We can study about God, but we also need to understand how to accept Gods love, presence in our lives, his many blessings, and enjoy his beautiful earthly natural creations. Walk barefoot on the earth and take care of all things God Almighty Divine created for us to enjoy and never harm nor destroy them. 

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is within you, whom you have [received as a gift] from God...
— 1 Corinthians 6:19

This video by Ben Sledge is a great introduction for those that either believe in God or do not at all. He helps bring Love, God, and Science together so that more can understand and find their very own truth. You have to always find and understand your own faith. - Many for example say Jesus said he is God Almighty, but he did not in scripture, he said God Almighty is his father hundreds of times. I read the scriptures in full, not in parts, but as one combined book because the scriptures tell us that is how the entire story fits together. But all have to come to their own conclusions of faith. So I invite you to explore more in depth and how to also find who God even is and how the earth was first created too. 

Do you believe a creator exists? Yes or No

Evolution so-called science has no empirical evidence whatsoever. The stages of evolution were never and can not be proved so they will always be based on theories alone. Atheists will teach that everything comes from nothing. When we look at Darwin he never considered himself the outright atheist that some modern writers have made him out to be. He continued to refer occasionally to the work of a “Creator” who fashioned the Universe and its general laws but who then left its living outcomes to a combination of chance and natural selection. In any case, the religious world of his time was ill prepared for his ideas. Even now, some people are still reeling from the shock Darwin seems to have delivered to traditional beliefs. For others, however, an appreciation of his ideas deepens and widens their faith in God.

The world and all things does not just happen by scientific chance. Divine creation did not come to be in perfect working order and without any flaws in design without an intelligent designer behind all of it. God also gave us all answers in the scrolls which come to us in the Bible and have been circling the globe since the beginning of time on earth. We know that too because the first language on earth is Hebrew and the first writings ever recorded on earth and preserved are 1Enoch. 

First, Lets Dive Into What Faith Is & understand How Almost Everyone On Earth Has Faith In Something

As humans most of us would agree that every single person on earth has faith in something, someone, or in some sort of idea or set plan. You either believe, follow, or have confidence in some sort of faith idea within your life as a whole. 

I have a personal faith too, and I believe in sharing it with others because others share their own faith with me. As humans we are always learning, teaching, and sharing with each other. This is a natural gift we were each born with. 


However, sometimes we are afraid to share our own personal faiths. We may have the fear that someone may judge us for it and so we may hide and keep it to ourselves. 

To have faith in something is to believe in something as an entire whole. So if we believe in something so much then why would we ever feel that we should be hiding it from others? We should all take the time to learn how to own our faith. 

Doesn't it feel good to naturally share about what you personally believe in? We all do it all the time right. We may share about something we truly love and we usually can not wait to tell our friends about it.

Maybe you went to an awesome restaurant and you absolutely enjoyed every moment of it and then right after you started sharing photos and telling your friends and then the word just starts to spread simply. The word spreads because your joy and love of it is spreading. 

On the other hand what if you told all your friends about what a great place you were just at and they looked at you, judged you for it, and even turned their backs on you because they believe its a terrible place. How would that make you feel? You would rather share about it and keep feeling good about it right? 

We can all agree that feeling good is a good thing and feeling bad is usually a sad thing. Most humans will choose to always want to feel good. 

So we each have our own faith in something usually being good, and we also all choose to feel good too. If we all want to feel good, what else do we all want? Well we may say, I want perfect health, I want to be happy everyday, I want my family and myself to have all we need always, I want the world to not be evil, I want everyone to be happy, I want suffering to end, I want hate to not even exist, I want animals to be free, I want everyone on earth to have food, water, and shelter... and we could go on and on about what we each would love to see life truly be like on earth every single day. 

Can we agree then that most humans all share common interests. We all share the interest to feel good and to be happy. We each really do want many of the same things in life. Most of us would feel good to see the world stop suffering in all ways. 


Could you even imagine a world without hunger, pain, and suffering? 

Within my Godly faith, I believe this will all occur on earth one day soon and that a promise that it will happen actually does exist. My faith is not that of any existing hell, but a place that is heaven on earth. Could you even imagine earth and heaven combined together? 

We all know suffering here on earth today and for the most part we think of heaven as a place of complete health, beauty, and purity. 

Some of us may believe in a God and some of us may not believe.  

Some of us may believe that Mother Earth is our God. Some of us may believe that science is our God and then that idea replaces who God would be. 

But all of us with a good heart, would agree mostly that we all want the wonderful blessings above to actually be real and to actually happen. 

If I told you Mother Earth could give you perfect health would you accept it? If I told you God wants to give all these good things to you would you accept it? If God handed you perfect health, would you deny it? If God gave you the gift of eternal life would you not accept it? We may not all believe in God, but we do all want perfect health and eternal life.

But what if you already have perfect health, what don't you have, well you could possibly still die at anytime right. So the gift of life without death would be really nice to have.

Many believe in reincarnation so that tells us too that people want to keep on living. This gives them assurance that something good will come after death. The biblical scriptures tell us of those that were resurrected from death and back to life on earth. These ones are an example for us. We do not however reincarnate to something or someone else, we remain who each of us are because each life is a gift and it is not created to be taken away nor changed into something else. I know I love who I am for example and I want to learn and grow as me, why would I want to be any different. I love and respect my body and who I am just as God created me to be. We are also told however that our bodies will be made new, that everyone will be in perfect health. So if someone does not have a leg now, well at resurrection they will have their leg back. We will be whole and healthy and made new, without pain and suffering. What a blessing that is for all of humankind! 

Jesus (Yeshua) said to her, I am the Resurrection and the Life. He who believes in me [as Savior] will live even if he dies; and everyone who lives and believes in Me [as Savior] will never die. Do you believe this? She said, “Yes Lord; I have believed and continue to believe that you are the Christ [Messiah] the Son of God...
— John 11:25-29

Not everyone is going to have faith that God can give us all these things mentioned above. As humans we really only know what we see and experience in our daily lives. We see suffering happening all over earth. So many of us ask ourselves why everyone is just not in perfect health right at these very moments and why do people have to suffer at this point in time. 

There is a good reason as to why the earth is the way it is today. There is an answer to every single humanly question we have. The answers to resurrected life after death exist as well. The Bible actually tells us that "all" will be resurrected from Adam the first human. The first humanly woman Eve was also created from Adam. 

Would you be able to let yourself take a step forward to learn more about all of this and really dig deep to find answers? I did. 

It brought me to the knowledge of the earth, human life, all existence, creation, resurrection, and of the deep heavens. It brought me to understand and know who God is and to understand every answer to life's questions as a whole. 

The biblical scriptures date back to our most ancient history and even to the time before the great flood. That means the scroll scriptures are more than 3,000 years old. These ancient scriptures today still continue to pass along the entire earth! Do you think that could mean something? Could there be any truth to them then?

My answer is YES! There is deep meaning and extreme knowledge to every recorded biblical scripture ever written. If you follow the scriptures around the globe it is a beautiful road map of life that leads you to all life's answers and directly to one God Yahweh, and to his first creation that being his son Yeshua (Jesus).

If you follow this road map, you will find that factual biblical proof exists all over the world and also in our time now. The biblical scriptures recorded in what we know today as our Bible are filled with universal answers. Are you ready to take a big leap of faith to learn more? If you take this chance, I must tell you that it all leads to the greatest happiness you will ever know. So don't ever be afraid to share your personal faith, just talk about all the things that make you feel joyful. 

If anyone tells you to keep your faith to yourself, don't! Spread your love and joy to all that you continue to meet. I must tell you that my joy in learning the scriptures was not found in any set religion, but found through my faith and prayer. I pray only to my Almighty God Yahweh and through his son Jesus (Yeshua) as the scriptures clearly teach. For God Almighty is the only one who has the ultimate power to answer our prayers through his Holy Spirit or energy force. I do not pray to that which does not exist nor do I pray to any false image or false god. 

Many religions may force you to do things, they may not even allow you to ask proper personal needed questions. They may tell you what you need to do within your life. They may even judge you or hinder you from being who you truly are. From the scriptures I have learned to follow as Jesus walked. Jesus taught us all to love one another and not to be judging one another. However humans are what, very quick to judge. We are not to be followers of human men, but to follow Christ and Gods purpose for all humankind and to look toward Gods new heaven and earthly Kingdoms. Those who help teach us these things we do not give praise to either, all praise and worship only goes to the most high, God Almighty.

You see if we all keep searching for only mankinds kingdoms of the world we will never find true happiness nor any everlasting life and blessings. We certainly do not ever find complete peace. Man can not give these promises, they have no power to, nor will they ever be able to. 

We may also possibly all agree that mankind's earthly kingdoms usually always do what, they eventually fall apart. We watch it happen. They are usually driven by greed and hate. Many are building war materials and are backed without love. If they were backed with love then all the war materials would not even be needed. A heart of love has no room for hate and a heart of love does not allow hate to enter.

You see God is LOVE. Without God, love can't even exist. Why? Well science can not create Love, only one that feels and knows love can create love. Upon creation love was put into our hearts. 


The scriptures tell us that Love is the greatest of all gifts.

Who does not want to feel love? I don't know anyone that would say they never felt love or that they do not want to feel what it is like. Many that lack love in their life tend to be very unhappy people. We all long for it because it exists within us all. Now there are some backed by hate, but God still loves them too and knows they need help, but he will also do what he needs to do. 

When your heart is filled with love you know how to share it. Nothing can stop you. I have great love within my heart and some in my life have tried to stop me from spreading that love. You know what I say to that, no one can stop my love from spreading of truth because God gave me this gift. 

Some people will never agree in life on the same things. That is totally OK! God gave us free will and a mind to use and the chance to find him each on our own. You can not be pushed into anything, nor should you ever be judged for your life decisions either. The main biblical goal is actually the perfect Kingdom of God with everlasting life and without sickness nor death. You see in the beginning God created heaven and earth and it was all good. What did God not create then? Well, the Bible does not tell us that God created a hell, but that all he created was good being both heavenly and earthly paradise. 

No matter what your own personal faith is in, you need to find it deep within yourself and believe in what makes you feel fulfilled as a whole.


Everyone you meet may share their own faith with you, but that does not mean you have to believe just as they told you to. 

You have to find your belief faith within yourself. Do not let anyone hold you down. Fight for the pure good and always for what you believe in. If your fight for good is in Gods faith, then you will only ever continue to grow stronger and no one will be able to pull you down ever. When you get to that point, you know exactly what I mean. When you stay righteous too, you grow more righteous. 

Many are fearful to share their faiths. If you have fear to share your faith then possibly it is not within your heart and you may need to search further. 

Once a friend said to me, God doesn't exist... 

I said Oh, then you never felt God before? My friend said how do you feel what does not exist. I replied, well we are breathing in air right now but we do not see air. We all agree air is real though because otherwise we would be dead without it right. Since air is here and I know its keeping me alive, then I feel God. My friend replied, how do you feel God through air? I said, well I feel God in everything because he created all things and all things come from him. - I am not going to tell my friend they are wrong, I am simply just going to share my faith on the subject of God and what I know to be true within myself. No one has proof that God doesn't exist. I have personal proved faith that God exists because I am feeling, seeing, walking, and touching all that he created. All that God creates is good. So therefore all good things come from God. All bad things, including hate, do not come from God. 

If anything in my life does not make me feel good my simple answer is, I do not feel the good in this so I am leaving it alone and I do not want it in my life. When I feel good about something, then I go for it. 

I feel good when I use and take in all the many beautiful things God created too. 

I feel good when I pick a flower, I feel good and excited when I read the ancient scriptures, I feel good when I eat healthy organic fruit, I feel good when I drink water, I feel good when I walk barefoot on the land, I feel good when I eat more veggies and fruits, I feel good caring for my animals. All these good things are gifts from God and therefore they make me feel good. 

I do not take in that which makes me feel bad. So if I am out for example and someone is smoking a chemical cigarrette around me, I simply walk away because it makes me feel bad. My lungs heart and I feel sick. So I know God did not create such a thing that could also kill us. So I simply stay away from things like this. I also stay away from any chemical medicated pills and instead I simply use natural earth giving healing. 

My faith not only protects my body as a whole, it also keeps me strong as a person. It also shows me how to deeply love and respect all of creation. 

I love sharing my faith because it brightens my day and I hope you too can feel that way about your own faith, if you don't already. 


What if someone tells you they blame God for everything? 

First, call on Gods name to help answer them as clearly as possible. Many may feel that they look to blame God if anything bad or evil happens on earth. However, we must remember that is it truly Gods fault? I know when I am going through a trial in life I pray to God and I put my entire trust in him and he never lets me down. He carries us through every trial we may face, but that comes with trust and faith. God gives everyone free will. So if we personally choose a path that goes against the good within our lives or what Gods word says to follow and in righteousness we may fail. The decisions we make in our lives are up to us. But if we trust in God he helps guide our every step and also protects us. If we get sick God can help us heal. If we get sick though and die an earthly death, well God is there once again after death and promises all his people eternal everlasting life on a paradise earth. Many call this heaven, however we are not going to be living in space clouds or the sky, God says he makes a new paradise earth stretching it out for all his people to live and be reunited with all their loved ones who also put their faith in him. What a blessing that is! God also promises that all evil on earth will soon be done away with once his son Jesus returns to earth. The time right before that is called the last days. Which we are living in now so we see a lot of evil on earth, but have the hope that soon this shall all pass away. God says he will wipe every tear from our eyes. As far as disease spreading across the earth now like cancer well cancer and much of these diseases are all man made. That is why many natural healers like myself help people get on an all organic plant based and juicing diet. This cleanses the system daily and helps us remain strong and healthy. God gave us all these beautiful healing plants across the entire earth. We continue to share them with each other, help heal each other, and gain all their many healing benefits. But if we choose a diet filled with toxins, or packaged foods filled with preservatives, then we may not have healthy bodies and feel sick and even depressed. But if we get sick, instead of blaming God, put faith in him to help us through. As far as the evil in this world that is not Gods fault, it happens because most do not listen to his loving words and simple protective commands. All of Gods laws come from love and just as a parent would care for their child. But if an evil person gets away with murder, God has a judgment day for them after they die their earthly death. You see nothing gets past God and if we keep our faith in him, all things will go well for us. Even if things fall apart, he gives us strength to carry through. 

What if someone says, I am good enough and I do not need a savior? 

Jesus Christ was the only one “good enough” to sacrifice his life for our sins.  When we accept by faith that he did that for us, he becomes our Savior. We are then “good enough” to stand in the presence of God forever. 

The definition of “good” is a relevant term apart from the Bible where God’s absolute standards are defined. In order for us to see our standard as lacking we must be willing to consider there is a higher standard, a perfect standard, God’s standard. 

God initially gave man ten simple laws (Ten Commandments) to follow, but he couldn’t follow them, and we’re no different. You see, when Jesus taught, he elaborated on those commandments by saying, the law is broken even when it’s still in "thought" form. For example Jesus said, “You have heard that it was said, 'Do not commit adultery.' But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 5:27-28). This principle applies to each of the commandments. No one can ever be made right with God by doing good, keeping the law, or by following any other religious rules. It’s just not good enough. The law simply shows us how sinful we are. But God has shown us a way to be made right with him without keeping the requirements of the law, as was promised in the writings of Moses and the prophets long ago. We are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus Christ. And this is true for everyone who believes, no matter who we are (Romans 3:9-31). 

Faith in God without religions twisting turns:

The Bible Project is a great tool and channel for anyone who wants to learn more about what the ancient scriptures actually teach. They are known for speaking real truth without lies. I have found them to display teaching with such love, humble deep respect, and very simple understanding. They continue to reach millions of hearts by simply truly using the beautiful gospel words and stories just as they are. 

Why is the Bible called a Bible?

The word Bible derives from Byblos, the Greek name of the Phoenician city, Gebal. The Greeks called this city Byblos due to its importance in the bublos Egyptian "papyrus" trade. Writings or books were written using papyrus, so books were called biblia by the Greeks. Learn More. 

What is Gods name? Learn More



I get asked questions on the ancient scriptures daily. I decided to pop a few links in here of the most frequency asked biblical questions.  

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- Is Hindu the oldest religion?

It is taught that it is, however the religion has no known exact start date nor known founder. The religion has changed names over the thousands of years and is really  known as "Santana Dharma" meaning eternal religion. Hindu is a more modern name for the religion. Their beliefs / teachings have changed over the thousands / hundreds of years. 

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- What does the scriptures say about Angels?

- What is an Angel? 

The word “angel” actually comes from the Greek word aggelos, which means “messenger.” The matching Hebrew word mal'ak has the same meaning.