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Urban Eco Beauty Botanical Collections:

✿ Femi in Bloom

✿ Mahira Healing


My deep love and passion for natural things has inspired me to create beauty collection's based on nature and its freeing magical colorful themes. 

One of my deepest desires and joys in life is to be inspired, and to share in inspiring others. I imagine, dream, and create naturally. 

I share my healing creative freedom with others, and help teach to follow a self healing path of inspiring expression, self love, expansion, knowledge, and growth. 

When we are awake to it, natures natural healing answers are all around us. All we have to do is draw a little bit closer to them. 

I am happy and grateful to be an organic skin care specialist, folk herbalist, creative artist, writer and healthy lifestyle mentor. 

My spiritual ritual each day is to practice the simple meditative act of breathing in love and breathing out gratitude, for all the beautiful blessings in my life, and those I share with you.

Teach. Share. Love. 
xx Sanura Moon