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Handcrafted Fresh Small Batch Blooming Organics

My New Botanical Collections:

✿ Femi in Bloom



I personally handcraft all my earth loving skin and body care products myself. I hand make them all in small batches and fresh to order. I designed my skin loving products simply as pure food for the skin. Just as a healthy plant loving diet gifts you hydrated healthy plump nourished glowing skin, this too is how my products work to beautify from the outside to deep within. My natural ingredients are of the purest beautifying form.

My pure beauty philosophy is to only apply products to the skin that come to us naturally from the earth, using that which we can also eat. Everything I include in my creations are pure gifts from our beautiful precious earth.

🌸The Urban Eco Beauty Woman:

She lives a pure organic lifestyle. She has a beautiful soul spirit. She celebrates her independence. She enjoys and inspires all she meets. She believes in creative originality. She makes her dreams alive. She is as active as a Bumble Bee. She follows the music and rhythm of her soul. She wears the natural gems of the earth. She uses natures gifts to maintain her beauty. She believes in the protection of all things. She shares in a world of love and peace. She is an inspiring organic spiritual beauty.