Aeroponic Garden Farms

Community Farms - Changing The Future Of Food!

By making healthy food more accessible, the vertical urban farming movement is literally changing the way people eat. Aeroponic vertical growing farm systems are now moving on a world wide scale!

These Vertical Garden Farms drastically reduce the carbon footprint that traditional farming leaves behind. Utilizing just 5-10% of the water of traditional gardening and the ability to grow year-round, it’s no wonder many farms, schools, churches, and institutions have transitioned to vertical farming in recent years.

Tower vertical farms can be installed in almost any country in the world. These farms are currently in Spain, Puerto Rico, Ibiza, Sweden, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Barbados, St Thomas, Canada, Trinidad to name just a few.


Perfect for those wishing to supply fresh herbs, leafy greens, and vegetables in larger quantities. Community organizations, restaurants, neighborhood associations, churches, schools, workplace cafes, food banks, and many more, could benefit from the experience of growing a large garden. In as little as 225 square feet, you can have an aeroponic vertical garden that produces 336 plants! 


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Aeroponic Vertical Farming


Chef Garden Farms:

Chefs love to grow their fresh foods using aeroponic vertical gardens right from farm to table!