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Everything you do now is for your future. So invest in yourself because you are worth it! There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to succeed! Remember that when you believe in you, others will believe in you too!



We use network marketing by gaining our wellness lifestyle target audience of active customers and building in a network of strong growing teams. That means you never have to me alone!

Network Marketing tends to develop the type of girl boss leader who influences others by being a great teaching mentor who supports others to fulfill and go for their own life's dreams. She always builds others up by teaching and sharing.


Staying Inspired & Focused:  

My work inspires me daily because I love what I do! I also set goals that inspire me to jump out of bed each day and work toward the completion of each. My home office is also always set up and ready to go by keeping it organized, fresh, and clean. I have my desk set up right in front of a large bright sunny window. My place of rest where I sleep and my work space I keep separate so that I know when its time to work and when its time to put everything down and just relax.

I weave into my work all the things I truly love and am passionate about. As you begin your own journey you will continue to find yourself. You will understand that life is like an open book guide just waiting for you to fill in all the empty pages. Its truly up to you and only you. If you stay confident, believe in yourself, keep going, and never give up, then you shall never fail. 

The best advice I can give anyone is to always be honest with yourself and not push so hard you burn out. Find calming simple ways to keep the inspiration flowing around you, in a fun way. I have positive focal images up around my office that help inspire. Be creative with your work lifestyle and always have fun!

Try taking a trip to a local crafty shop like Hobby Lobby. They are filled with inspiration and ideas. Even if you are not crafty, you will find something inspiring to add to your magical zen creative office space. Don't look at each day as just another working day, create it into your own chosen fabulous healthy lifestyle business because that’s just what it is!



I stay inspired by many great entrepreneur mentors. Some are in our very own doTerra wellness business and others mentor with powerful positivity in multiple life changing ways. For example, I like listening to Tony Robbins sometimes because he has reached far and wide by succeeding in helping inspire all types of people globally. I love mentors that help us all succeed both physically and mentally and teach us to push ourselves in a positive manner. Its good to motivate and energize mentally. If you are in need of some deep motivation in your life, just watch one of his amazing videos on YouTube. Follow mentors you love for daily inspiration, knowledge, and to continue bettering yourself as a whole. We truly never stop learning and sharing.


Natalie MacNeil, in this video link above, teaches what I say all the time, that working Entrepreneurs need healthy plant based nutrition in their daily lives. Well hello doTERRA we need you more now than ever before! This is the whole reason why I came up with the name Healthy Entrepreneur. I saw many hard working entrepreneurs not caring for their actual bodies! I saw entrepreneur woman going non stop while not putting their bodies first, but instead second. Then they come pushed to the point where they have no other choice but to do a major health check. So I love that we get to work daily in a healthy lifestyle wellness business. That is a double win. Also we have to put our bodies health first and never second. Remember your body needs you healthy to thrive, and then all other things fall into place.

How to Start Building:

When you live a healthy wellness lifestyle as a wellpreneur you simply start sharing about the products you use in your personal life naturally. Your personal story matters and is key to you growing your lifestyle business.



When sharing about my healthy living products, I bring up how the products I use for my wellness are also the products I share about in my lifestyle business. I only share the products I use on my own body. These products also help impact the world in positive ways, which we need now more than ever before. My wellness products compliment my body and life as a whole, they help create my journey and my income.

Before you share about your wellness products, its good to know your very own product story first and how they touched your life. People love to share their personal stories. Remember, we always learn from each other as we grow.

Who wouldn't want to share about products that they personally already love! When you find a great product you love, what do you usually do right after? You share by telling your friends about it! Well, this works the same way, you honestly share about what you love and use daily along with your own story.

When you know your product well, you will share it well. Share about your products after you have been using them and really have fallen in love with them. Then you really get how they truly work. When your business flows through you like a passion, you will always succeed and grow. Jot down your story and your why. Know yourself and what you want to accomplish. Have your goals set in mind. When you are confident in what you do, it will flow through you naturally. Confidence speaks.

5 Steps To Network Marketing Success:

1. Attract People To You

2. Capture Leads

3. Nurture Relationships

4. Convert To Cash / Close the deal

5. Love what you do, Stay Inspired! 

How To Attract customers:

4 top ways to attract your target customer.


When you are out and about, you can bring up what you do into conversations when given the chance. Carry essential oil samples in your bag. Use an essential oil when you are out and share it with someone if you get the chance. Carry little business cards attached to a little oil sample that you can hand out to someone. Teach a wellness class or private webinar class for just a few. Coach people on the phone on how to use the oils in their daily life.

2. Facebook

Facebook has many tools now for helping you grow your business. Its better not to just post product images, but share your story and lifestyle through how the oils are working and weaved into your life as a whole.

3. Instagram

Using this free social media tool you get to use imagery and video combined in a beautiful and powerful way. 

To really learn how to use Instagram and Facebook I chose to take a training course. The one I chose and loved was with Hilary Rushford.

4. Video / Webinars

YouTube and webinars are one of the strongest ways to grab the attention of your target audience. Online tools such as Zoom and Webinar Jam are among the strongest. 

Learn how to create a Landing Page and this will be your personal online invitation to your webinar video and business. I also created my own website simply by using: SquareSpace.