Therapeutic Essential Oils

100% pure, safe & effective.

Grown in the indigenous lands in which the oils were first created providing them the highest quality, purity, and strength. I invite you to tour the world of essential oils right here below and continue to touch more healing hearts with complete empowered wellness!



Using Essential Oils will empower your sense of smell which triggers your emotional and feeling points within your whole body. Your daily anxieties will transform into your daily relaxation and harness you deeply in total natural wellness feel good bliss!

As you hold the oil in your hands, from the lands in which each was first created you receive the feeling of what that land feels like through your own senses. What plants and flowers bloom there and in such beautiful powerful exotically rich scents. May each oils naturally rich healing surround your whole body within and out. It makes you feel empowered to know that you can heal your own body with Gods bountiful plant gifts.

Good positive feelings keep flowing within you kissing your soul every time you open a bottle of essential oil. Let earths rich blessings surround you always and peace be naturally filled within you. Carry yourself as if you are being carried along by the clouds in heaven with enchanted moonlight and glistening stars enlightening your pathway. Let the flower within you continually blossom and heal so you know that you are of great importance and full of pure beauty. For we must be because we were created by the most high and most loving powerful God we could ever imagine! Some will even realize with using these powerful natural plant products that they are actually beginning to love their own body for the very first time in their lives! That is priceless! When we feel good by using what God intended for us, it truly never fails! So lets all make it a mission to take care of the wellbeing of our bodies daily and turn it into a real daily love habit! If I did it, you can too!

Essential Oils play a huge role in my whole body wellness and health daily. They are the first thing I breathe in the morning and the last thing I breathe in at night, that is a fact. I honestly can’t live without them. I had no idea until I began with doTerra and learned so much about how these oils can be so powerful in our everyday life. I know we all say it, but its because its true! What on earth would we do without these oils, I honestly have no idea now, total healthy happy addiction!  

The oils are sourced from all over the world, which is extremely important to me for outstanding purity levels. They are naturally and carefully sourced from all the lands in which they were first created by God.

When I open, breathe in, and touch a bottle of pure essential oil, it is as if I just got the pure pleasure of visiting the land in which it came from. What a long powerful journey that really is right in my very own hands!

Where the oil is sourced is essential to its many perfecting healing powers. The composition of the plant will vary greatly based on the land, location, soil, climate, elevation, pH, and environment. 

Plants grown in very traditional or indigenous environments yield better results because the natural elements specific to that region promote the best alinement of the aromatic compounds produced by the plant. 

DoTerra Co-Impact Sourcing:


It is also essential that the right part of the plant be harvested fully. The aromatic compounds from the leaves of the plant will differ from what is produced in the flowers. 

For example, doTERRA, only uses the yellow flowering tops of the Helichrysum Italicum (essential oil) plant wild-crafted from Corsica for the most dependable benefits, but many producers will harvest the leaves and stalks as well to increase the oil yield of this delicate crop thereby increasing their profitability. This completely changes the composition of the essential oil! 

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) essential oil is indigenous to the Provence region of France and also in NorthEast Bulgaria. The high altitudes in France results in the plant having higher ester and sesquiterpene alcohol content, thereby increasing its helpful benefits. You simply cannot duplicate the rocky soil and Mediterranean growing conditions that are specific to this region anywhere else. Although Lavender also grows readily in the United States, the qualities are not as beneficial because, the growing conditions that exist in the native lands cannot be duplicated. Where your oils are sourced matters!

Another example is the doTERRA Lemon (Citrus Limon) essential oil, which is indigenous to Sicily, Italy. The rich soil conditions, the salty humid air from the Mediterranean Sea and rocky, mountainous terrain all contribute toward the sweet lemons that have made this region so famous for its citrus production. There is a saying in Sicily that "Lemons aren't real unless they are Sicilian."

Although Lemon oil can be acquired from the US, Argentina, or other regions for a much lower price, doTERRA is committed to sourcing their oils from the indigenous regions that produce the highest quality essential oils. It's not about the price, it's about real quality results! Just yet another reason why I love them so much!


doTERRA Essential Oils are sourced all over the world. Below I share with you a video link for each country and how the oils are made from the soil, the seed, grown, the distilling process, and then right to our very own hands. These pure oils are empowering healthy lives all over the world now!


Where the plant is grown is a primary factor in determining the pure potency and therapeutic quality of the essential oil. 

doTERRA has carefully selected farmers/artisans who have mastered their art in locations where the plants have grown traditionally for thousands of years. 

They have made the commitment to source their essential oils from artisans who grow their aromatic crops in the indigenous soils of their land, while following the doTERRA harvesting quality standards. This allows doTERRA to not only offer the world's finest oils, but to also impact the economy in a most powerful way on a global scale! The fact that the oil not only benefits us, it benefits the people who so carefully grew it for us! 


The doTerra Healing Hands Foundation seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant.