Clean Nutrition Shipped Farm Fresh! 

Ever walk into a vitamin shop confused about which supplements actually work and how exactly long they may have been sitting on those shelves for before they are purchased? That is what I used to do years ago. I would walk into my local vitamin shop and ask question after question because I had no way of really knowing what worked or didn’t. I would spend literally hours in these shops reading nutritional labels that I could barley see first off due to the tiny print! Then always yet still walking away feeling like, did I just waste my money again?? You know how many supplements I have purchased and only to toss out, countless! It had to stop! I will never forget this one occurrence where the only nutritionist available was smoking outside the front, then telling me which supplements were best for my overall health. I just lost all trust in that whole situation, and so now I have a solution! Nutritional products that work in which I can also help guide my customers on without any doubts. Supplements I also take that I know work! They also never sit on a shelf waiting to be picked up and they come farm fresh right to us when we need them! I have never in my life opened up capsules that I can actually also eat!! They are literally juice and veggies in the most concentrated form, vine ripened nutrition, and they give my body the power it needs right after I take them! You literally feel the energy boost and it’s amazing! So I swear by Farm Fresh nutrition, total YES!!

What doe we all need? Farm Fresh Nutritional Supplements that actually work! Each veggie fruit capsule and chewable blend is the product of high-quality plants and seeds, well-cultivated fields and orchards, and from the best fruit and vegetable farmers. After the fruit and vegetable varieties are grown, harvested, cleaned, juiced, and dried, they are then blended into nutritious products that are part of a healthy plant-based diet. 

The products are Vine Ripened, Non-GMO and NSF Certified; Expert-Approved To Ensure The Best Nutrition, one of the highest certifications a product can actually have.

While not every crop of fruits or veggies that is used is certified as “organic,” rest assured that they are actually "better than organic"!! Why is that? Every batch is tested for the absence of every: herbicide, pesticide, and toxin known to man! It is as pure as you can get! Ever go to the grocery store and only later to find out your organic produce is contaminated? Its been on the news countless times now, well you can rest assured that will not happen with these nutritional products because every single batch is tested and approved FIRST!

You can contact Natural Alternatives, NSA’s encapsulation and testing facility in San Marcos, if you would like to schedule a tour and see the quality control behind the products. The products are vine-ripened and mainly from all family farms located right in the United States.


For maintaining your body and new healthy lifestyle living, the products are shipped fresh directly to you every 4 months. 

- Shipping is $7 per carton. / Taxable in only certain states.

The products do not sit on shelves and wait to be picked up. They are shipped out fresh! YES!

Not shipped out ‘per month’, which saves on shipping, time, and money!

Every 4 months your products are shipped, making it simple and hassle free. - Unless you decide to change your shipment plan after your first 4 months of taking the products and actually seeing the benefits they have on your whole body. 

After your first 4 months of taking the products, you can log into your personal customer account, or call them directly, and you can change your shipping times if you so like according to your needs. You can also switch up your next shipment of product choices as you like.

When you remain on a shipment plan for healthy lifestyle nutrition that your body needs, it helps you stay on track, takes the extra un-needed worry away, and most importantly keeps you staying healthy and strong every day!