Spiritual Life Coach

Sanura Moon 

As a Health and Wellness Coach, I also help coach you within your Spiritual Life too. Which works hand in hand with your whole wellness lifestyle and a healthier way of living. When our health, our mind set, and our spiritual life are all connected bound together tightly as one, we feel more clear and we truly thrive to be the very best version of ourselves. Then we can really display our faith for our Almighty God who continues to guide our very path when we truly put our love and faith in him alone. His unconditional love and blessings never fail, but work for all eternity.

Sometimes we may feel alone in our personal search for God within our lives as a whole. Or some may feel a bit lost in their search and just need a little guidance to help get on the path they really want to be on. So I help guide you to be able to connect again, or have a greater connection with your spiritual life as a whole with God weaved in it daily. When this relationship with God steps into your life, your heart becomes lighter and lifted up in the purest most bountiful joy you could ever imagine. Its not always easy to get there, but when you do get there, there is absolutely no turning back. You only move forward within the greatest love you may ever feel in your entire life. For those that feel lost now, they will never feel lost again, because they only gain God by their side. I don’t do this for you, your relationship with him grows when you put him first in your life. I am just here to help guide you so that you can do it and that it does bring eternal blessings and you will thrive at your very best.

We also have a support group that you can join where we provide even further loving support.

"With God nothing shall be impossible." ~ Luke 1:37

I have had many friends over the years contact me to help guide them on what they need to do to find God and to draw closer to Him within their spiritual life as a whole. I have always had a connection with God Almighty and his son Jesus Christ through my entire life. I view that gift as a humble blessing with deep gratitude and love. Many times in the past however I found myself wanting to discuss biblical questions I had that I could not find anyone to truly answer on a deeper more personal level. I also didn't know who to trust or who to turn to without them turning to only judge me and push their own belief system onto my life. I am not looking for a persons own belief system, I am searching out what the Bible truly says and what God wants from us. So after 11+ years of deep biblical research and personal realizations, I began mentoring others on what answers they were seeking to find, understand, and then follow.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. (John 14:6)

If you feel the need to search for God, have no idea how, or where to begin, feel free to contact me and I will help guide you on a path that changes your life as a whole and gains only a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father and his son our Messiah and King, Jesus Christ.

Someone may ask, well what about just finding a local church to attend? We all must follow whatever path we feel will give us the answers we are seeking to find. We also must follow the answers we are given through our prayers as well. I am just here to teach because in these times there is not always many at the church who are available to listen in depth and help provide answers that are accurately sound with Gods true word and accurate biblical meaning. Many churches today sadly seem to be in a greater fear of offending someone, so they are not actually providing sound accurate deep loving advice right from Gods word, the Bible. Sometimes when we are learning and searching out answers, we have to set aside our personal feelings to get to the root of the knowledge and why it is there for us to begin with. Constant complaining and getting upset doesn't help us when we really want to know the truth of Gods word and see it clearly with open eyes. We don’t want to be blinded by the real truth. Many have also come to me after going to get something like a reading done for example, feeling that will provide answers when they very first search for God on their own. However, many may leave the reading feeling even more lost and wanting a deeper connection with the divine and getting to the root of truth, not just the surface with lies stuck knotted in-between. This is because God connects directly with you through prayer and sending His Holy Spirit out when you search for him through your heart, soul, mind, and strength. If someone was to give you a reading, you may have a little more understanding of who you are the first time around, or you may feel even more lost and confused, as a reading is not the way to reach God Almighty as he tells us directly in scripture.

For those who maybe going through that personal battle, your feeling the battle because you are on a true humble and righteous search for God’s truth. Don’t we want to do what is best for building our relationship with God and to be humble and modest in our search for him, for his actual real truth? Since he did create us, weave us together in the womb, and gift us with a precious life and promises eternal blessings thereafter, why then not start truly putting him first in our everyday life. God wants us to go to him through his son Jesus Christ, and how to do that is by understanding the scriptures accurately first, so we can also pray accurately as well.

Gods loving divine direction, grace, and word is there for us, we just have to grab hold of it. Remember, God never leaves us ever, either does his son Jesus Christ, we only leave them, and then God waits for us to return back. The second time around though, most if not all, never leave him again. We then can learn how to connect with his son, have a deeper faith in who he is and what he did for all of humankind. As he tells us in scripture, Jesus does the will of his father who sent him. God Almighty is Love, and to be able to connect with Him is the greatest gift you could ever imagine and feel.

Anything is possible with God in your life. The love that moves through you and the want to learn more about Him, draws you in closer. You then have a deeper more personal relationship with him. Then he gifts you the knowledge and understanding you need, and also helps guide your faith walk. The life giving knowledge he sets forth to all who listen and take hold with open eyes and ears, is then greatly fulfilled. For all that have an ear, let them hear he tells us. Our personal relationship with God Almighty then only grows deeper, stronger, and unbreakable.

So if you find yourself on my site and possibly wondering why, just maybe God Almighty knows you are searching for Him and his endless loving divine truth. So lets find Him together, its not hard to do at all. Then you can feel the greatest love that all his people feel upon the whole earth when they truly deeply connect with Him and build their personal relationships with him and his son. Gods love never fails, but conquers all things good.

OX ~ Sanura Moon