the Bible Project


The Bible Project by Tim Mackie offers hundreds of modern cartoon like biblical story boards that display the scriptures in simplicity for anyone to clearly understand. They continue to reach millions of hearts by simply using the beautiful gospel words and prophetic stories just as they are. 

Have the right frame of mind. Since the Bible is from our heavenly Father, you will benefit the most if you have the attitude of a child who is ready to learn from a loving parent. If you have any negative, preconceived ideas about the Bible, try to set them aside so that God can teach you. Psalm 25:4 - “Make me know your ways, O Yahweh Teach me your paths.”

(*We are no part of the trinity doctrine however, and some of their beliefs may differ than ours due to that, however it’s a beautiful helpful tool for anyone to use.)


Remember that when reading the Bible in English it is a "TRANSLATION" from the original scriptures. Always refer to the original Hebrew, Koine Greek, and Aramaic original texts when doing your Bible Study Research. For example, in English one word has multiple meanings, but NOT in the original Hebrew Form. Example: in English the word "Soul and Spirit" have multiple meanings, but not in original Hebrew! In Hebrew 1 word has only 1 meaning, never multiple meanings. Simple word study for the word = Soul: Nephesh