We rise by lifting up others!

We Empower Each other. We help provide secure incomes on a growing scale. We help change lives. We Love and live our healthy lifestyle to the fullest.

If you really love something and want to share about it, why not take advantage of that. We live in a day and age where everyone is sharing with each other what they do more openly now than ever before. We talk to each other about what foods we are eating, when we are sick or not feeling good, when we are feeling good, where we just went out to eat, what new item we found at the grocery store, what new vitamin we maybe taking, where we found our favorite organic cotton sheets, I mean this list is totally endless. We are a generation that loves to share our daily personal stories, and I don’t think many of us even realize it.

Most if not all of us that are into natural wellness, put our bodies first. Therefore the products I choose in my daily life are always going to reflect my healthy living lifestyle as a whole.

We also tend to choose products that help create a positive impact in the world as a whole. One that reflects goodness full circle because that is really what our world needs right now. As wellprenuers we literally lock arms together and make everyone involved feel at their ultimate best in all aspects of life. We believe that when you are helping someone, you are also helping awaken someone in some aspect in their life.

I would love to now share with you the steps I used to build both myself and my business up while creating it into my very own healthy lifestyle wellness dream. I help guide you first here so you get to know your own personal self a bit better, asking questions you maybe never thought about before now. I show you how to find out what you really want in your life and most importantly what you are really good at. There is an important key to success and happiness, and that is to do what you love and what you are good at. Every single one of us has a much needed purpose in life. Its best to pursue that one purpose, our personal niche, and then thrive to do just that at our ultimate best. When we each do this, we are also helping to create more needed goodness in the world. We can all help each other grow. If I’m really good at something, but bad at something else, the thing that I’m bad at I would get help for from someone who is very good at it. Now are you beginning to see the bigger picture?

 Always Pursue What You Love and What you Are Best At.

if you love what you do, you will always win. Do whatever it takes to create your dream and never give up! 


People are most important. The business model and product will follow if you have the right people.

Make your ideas happen and come to life. Be a doer, not just a dreamer. Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today.

First I want to ask you something: Do you ever feel stuck? Do you have dreams about what you want, but you just don't have the confidence yet to act upon them? Or maybe you don't believe you even deserve to dream big?

Do you feel like there is more than what's currently going on in your life right now? Maybe a better relationship? Marriage? Partnership? Career? Faith? More time flexibility or financial freedom?

Are you ready for change and finally have a deep desire within yourself to make something really happen?

I believe we should each have that urge inside us that empowers us to say out loud: “This is my life, and I love it!”

We need to each begin to feel fulfilled and not unfulfilled! What better time than now to step it up and create a change! It only begins when we decide ourselves to make the first step! When you wake up intentionally, that is when you begin to do what you love. All those around you then, when you make that personal giant leap forward, will feed off of your positive energy.

One of the biggest steps is to change our old pattern of thinking and put on the new. Just as God even teaches us to do right from the Bible, put on the new personality, the better personality, the stronger personality, and toss away the old. We have to always be building ourselves up to better ourselves and that always comes with taking in new accurate knowledge. Toss away the old, and put on the new.

For example, if someone in our past was constantly tearing us down, or if we went through some terrible experience, we have to forgive, not forget because we learned from the experience so we will actually never forget it. If we forgot our past mistakes then we wouldn’t know how to move forward from them to better ourselves. So rather, we actually remember the old mistakes and then look forward to growth to better the circumstances and make positive changes. Something that was bad can always be turned around and made new into something good. That is how we really learn to grow. We don’t manifest it, we just take action and do it. We have to keep on moving forward no matter what happens in our life and God is always there to help pull of through when we ask Him. So when many say forgive and forget, no we rather learn from remembering. This is how we really honestly move forward. - All of what I help share and teach is the knowledge I learned from just reading Gods word, he is all knowing so why not go directly to the source!

So are you ready to learn more yet?

CREATE an income while making a Positive impact:

The core of my wellpreneur lifestyle business works by using something called Network Marketing. Some may think the reward for work is only to make money, but in our line of business the rewards are bountiful. They impact lives in the most positive of ways using world changing innovative concepts. In fact if something doesn’t help better our world and the people in our world, I don’t waist my time nor energy doing it. I love creating a positive impact that can only move forward.

Once you begin in the wellness business using these tools, you quickly realize the freedom of doing what you love, along with the power of being able to change lives, and also becoming part of a positive world wide impact, is something you just cant stop thinking about. Your lifestyle happiness takes over and all other things begin to fall into place naturally and effectively. Feeling good, being happy, loving your life while also helping others, becomes a real life goal, fulfilling dream, and personalized passion.

gET tO knOW My wellpreneur Lifestyle bUSINESS First. Lets see if you are a match!

1) What is the whole business about?   

2) What type of people are a part of the business? 

3) Are the products of personal interest to you?

4) What positive impact does the company offer to the world?

5) What type of free training tools are offered? 

6) How do you earn money and grow?

7) What is Network Marketing? 

ANSWERS are given at these links so you can see which wellpreneur styled business is right for you!

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Do I share in having a passion for natural healthy things? 

2) Do I wish to be happy and healthy every single day?  

3) Do I wish to work for me, and not for someone else?

4) Do I wish to have a more worry free daily lifestyle?  

5) Do I wish to design my life around the way I truly want and need it? 

6) Do I believe in creating and manifesting my own dreams and goals to become real? 

7) Do I like working from home, wherever that maybe at any given time? 

8) Do I like meeting new people?

9) Do I like having a plan and sticking to it while I accomplish each one of my goals?

10) Do I want to be a Girl Boss, a Leader? 

lets step Right in and learn From network marketing Experts & Mentors:

Network Marketing works by word of mouth, social media, sharing your personal story, and just meeting everyday people and introducing them to the lifestyle you live with your healthy living products.

Network Marketing produces Residual Income income you continue to earn based on the efforts you put forth initially and continue to. This income is based on the sale of products and services. These products then continue to generate repeat sales. This helps offer not only financial freedom but the freedom to live your life as you intend; by also your work ethic and savvy business planning. 

Network Marketing is one of the smartest ways to work and run a business.

I have seen a few argue this fact who are working a job that pays hourly for the time that they are there but for example, not for the time that they are not there. Then if they don't go back to that hourly paying job they make $0 income, which results in $0 return for all the time they actually put into it. This may even occur after many years spent at one particular job. When someone may leave a job, or sadly be let go, they may say to themselves, “wow after all this time, I still have nothing to show for it.” After thinking that, its time to make a change. Personally, I don't work at an hourly paying job and I never will again after leaving the corporate world.

I’m here to show you that you can make a return on your work time investment within your daily life. I weave my healthy lifestyle work within my life as a whole. When you apply yourself with effort, passion, and keep at it, it will continue to pay itself off always and keep growing along with you. So your income doesn’t stop growing, it keeps on growing in a positive manner, and you get a return on both your time and investment.

When people join in to purchase the wellness products we sell, they keep on purchasing them because they become a part of their daily health and whole well being. There is no price for that, especially in these times.

Your customer then in turn usually always shares about the product with others. Just like word of mouth works for any small business. In this way you continue to grow and you are always making a return on your investment, or the time you put into it all. The only way your business stops growing, is if you stop building. 

The Network Marketing industry offers many unique benefits to those who want more out of life. Some of the best known companies in the world, like doTerra or Juice Plus, which are products I use every single day. They both fall under the network marketing umbrella.

There is also a network marketing selling and product sharing strategy known as "Feel Good Marketing". This is one I use a lot because it works for me and my personality. You have to bring your personality out into your business and feel comfortable about what your doing.

This business is truly what you personally make it to be for you, who you are, and for your own set lifestyle. That is why everyone does it differently, making it more personalized and unique. For those that get it and stick to it, those are the ones that will always keep growing.


Effective Network Marketers

Improve the capabilities of not only their teams but also themselves. The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.