The Essential Oil Lifestyle Business

If you have a deep passion for wellness and want to teach and share about your pure essential oils like I do, then I invite you to join our tribe of like minded empowering strong woman. I can surely say, I absolutely love what I do every single day and it’s truly part of my whole healthy lifestyle. 


Teach. Share. Love.

doTERRA provides us with everything we need to be strong, super effective, wellness lifestyle advocates! We have a powerful team of leaders, coaches, and mentors. This is a creative personalized lifestyle business filled with endless opportunities and growth that you can wildly and freely create within your own set lifestyle.

gET tO knOW our wellness Lifestyle Oil bUSINESS First. Lets see if you are a match!

1) What is the whole business about?   

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2) What type of people are a part of the business? 

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4) What positive impact does doTERRA offer to the world?

5) What type of free training tools are offered? 

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Live Your Lifestyle Business:

When you are helping somebody you are awakening somebody. 

I share with my clients teaching them to use natures pure gifts simply in their everyday lifestyle. This helps empower them to know that they can take real charge of their very own wellness. 

I also teach woman how to help empower themselves by working for themselves and building up their very own dreams within their own set lifestyle. 

You can learn how to do this too if you have a true passion in sharing natural wellness with others. Scroll down here to learn the business tools to begin your journey. 

Share your essential oils with anyone In the world! 

If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it. 

Learn, do, and take action at your very own pace. I am not here to push you, I’m here to help motivate you. It is up to only you to make you a full success. Start where you are, use what you already have, and do what you can. Always remember that the best way to predict the future is to create it. One thing I learned from being a healthy entrepreneur is to never promise, just prove. So work simple smart and dream big. 


Business Tool Tips:


Virtual Office Tour:

Once you are joined, first you will want to learn how to use your doTerra Virtual Office. Log into your virtual office by using this direct link and save it in your phone for easy access:

If you have any questions on how to use your doTerra Virtual Office and all that it is used for, click from the complete video list link above and you will find video directions for completing any single task subject you may need. 


doTerra Class In A Box - $25

The class in a box kit makes it easy for you to introduce yourself to teaching about doTerra. You can purchase it right from your own account after you sign up. 


The essential oil sample packs are available to order in your back office under sales tools. There is a place to apply your own personalized contact information label to the backs of each sample card.  

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP):


How Do I EArn My COMMISSION Money:

girl boss team leaders & mentors:

Build Both you & your business up By Learning From Mentors

These are all the wonderful powerful woman on our doTerra teams. We all learn and grow together and from each other.

Text to get this free oil class sent daily to your phone. It is so simple easy and you learn a ton just one day at a time for 21 days! This was designed free and exclusively for our doTerra team alone so take advantage! 


doTerra tEACHING Convention:

Once a year in Utah, USA

These yearly conventions are an experience of a lifetime! Go and attend to find out more about essential oils, to be inspired, and to learn how you can make a difference and impact lives for good.

Share Your Personal Product Story: 

Sharing your story is the most powerful tool in our network marketing and product sharing business. It gives meaning to a product making it personal and memorable. It helps build relationships and inspires your audience and customers to make logical decisions.

When sharing your story you don't say I'm going to share my story with you, you simply just do it. Learn powerful skills from mentors on how to share your story and this will help boost your effectiveness in selling anything. 

Meet Emily Wright Founding Executive of doTerra: