Artist / dESIGNER / Holistic Skincare Expert / dually licensed Esthetician / Botanical Alchemist / certified Aromatherapist / folk herbalist / healthy lifestyle ENTREPRENEUR Mentor / Health & Wellness Coach / ✝ spiritual Life mentor


My daily life is filled with love, a positive mindset, living a complete healthy lifestyle, and I put my body and spirituality first before anything else. Since I was very young I have always had an extremely creative mind, so I weave all my creative passions together into one wholesome lifestyle. 

I live my life by taking action upon these three empowering words: Teach, Share, & Love. These three life changing actions help guide my positive path in life.



Lovely to connect with you! I'm Sanura Moon, the founder and formulator of Urban Eco Beauty and its pure specialty collections. I'm a certified holistic skincare expert, dually licensed esthetician, botanical alchemist, certified aromatherapist, and folk herbalist. I'm also a health and wellness coach, spiritual life mentor, and a naturally born artist and designer.

My deep love and passion for all things pure and natural from our earth, has inspired me to create beauty collection's based on nature and its freeing whimsical colorful and healing themes. One of my deepest desires and joys in life is to be inspired, and to share in inspiring others. I imagine, dream up, sketch, and then create naturally. I teach many to follow a self healing path of inspiring expression, self love, expansion, pure knowledge, and growth. When we are truly awakened to it, natures natural healing answers flutter all around us. All we have to do is simply draw a little bit closer to them.

My spiritual practice each and every day is thanking God in prayer for all the beautiful blessings in my life as a whole, and to also help touch even more lives through love, light, friendship, and seeking true happiness. I will always continue to create and share all earths boundless pure natural healing gifts. Thank you for being a part and following my creative journey!

♥ Teach. Share. Love. ☾ Sanura Christina Moon


My Handcrafted Collections:

I personally handcraft all my earth loving skin and body care products myself. I hand make them all in small batches and fresh to order. I designed my skin loving products simply as pure food for the skin. Just as a healthy plant loving diet gifts us hydrated healthy plump nourished glowing skin, this too is how my products work to beautify from the outside to deep within. My natural ingredients are of the purest beautifying form.

My pure beauty philosophy is to only apply products to the skin that come to us naturally from the earth, using that which we can also eat. Everything I include in my creations are pure gifts from our beautiful precious earth.


Health + Wellness Coach:

I help you create a vision for your health goals and suggest certain proven nutritional plant based products that will help your body along its journey to wellness and feeling good everyday. I teach that living a healthy lifestyle must become a part of your daily love habits that keep you feeling your personal best and keep you staying both happy and healthy. Each of our bodies work in different ways, so the products I share are to cater to your personal health needs and created to benefit your whole body and set lifestyle goals.